Reuters, April 14  2009

Saksa kieltää EU:ssa ainoan viljelyyn hyväksytyn GM-maissin (MON810) viljelyn. Kielto perustuu epäilyyn, että ko. maissi on haitallinen ympäristölle, ilmoitti maatalousministeri Ilse Aigner.

Mon810 maissi on EU:n komission viljelyyn hyväksymä, mutta nyt jo kuudessa jäsenmaassa on virallisesti kielletty sen viljely. Saksaa aiemmin Ranska, Itävalta, Luxembourg, Kreikka ja Unkari ovat päätyneet vastaavaan kieltoon. Käytännössä kielto on voimassa myös Italiassa ja Puolassa. Suomen ympäristöministeri Paula Lehtomäki tuki aiemmin ympäristöministerien neuvostossa komission esitystä kieltää kansalliset kiellot jääden selvään vähemmistöön.


Good news from Germany: Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) just announced that the cultivation of Monsanto's Mon810 is banned with immediate effect. This means that no Mon810 will be planted this year in Germany: "Hereby the cultivation of Mon810 is prohibited in Germany", Aigner said at a press conference in Berlin this morning.

"I conclude that there is legitimate reason to assume that genetically
modified maize line Mon810 poses threats to the environment", Aigner said and announced that Germany will apply Article 23 of Directive 2001/18, which allows for national emergency measures against EU approved GM varieties.

Germany is the 6th EU member state to ban Mon 810 (after France, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg / de facto bans also exist in Poland and Italy). Mon 810 Cultivation had been planned in Germany this year on slightly less than 3600 hectars (out of over 2 mid hectare maize cultivation area). Bavaria (Aigners home state) had strongly demanded not to allow further GM cultivation.

For more also see English version of German press agency, dpa at:

Germany to ban cultivation of GMO maize-Minister

Reuters, April 14  2009 BERLIN/HAMBURG - Germany is to ban cultivation and sale of maize withgenetically modified organisms (GMOs), German Agriculture Minister IlseAigner said on Tuesday.The ban affects MON 810 maize which may no longer be sown for this summer's harvest, Aigner told a news conference.Aigner, who took office in October 2008, said previously she would reviewapproval for cultivation of GMO maize in Germany before this year'ssowing took place in late April.

MON 810 maize, developed and marketed by U.S. biotech company Monsanto (MON.N), is the only GM crop that may be commercially grown in the EU after the bloc ruled that it is safe.

Several other European Union countries including France have banned GMO maize cultivation in the face of EU approvals. But the bans are controversial and face action from the EU Commission to get them lifted.

(Reporting by Thorsten Severin and Michael Hogan;
Editing by James Jukwey)